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Fireflies Plots

Chartered Housing, Devanahalli, North Bangalore


Estimated Value at Completion

Current Value of this project for all configurations is
19.6 Lac - 32.55 Lac, According to IndiaHomes experts the estimated value at completion would be
giving you a total appreciation of
30% on the current value.
* Conditions Apply

(4/5 , Very Good Project)
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While 'development' has done a lot of good to the society, it has in its wake resulted in erosion of environmental elements. As a result, we are witness to near extinction of Earthworms, Sparrows, Butterflies and also one of the most fascinating creations of God namely the 'Fireflies'. Most of us would recall that as children, we were awestruck by the twinkling of the fireflies in the dark. It is indeed, an amazing creation of God with no batteries, no wires, no plug and pin but only the brilliant sparkle of light. Chartered Fireflies is a plotted residential development. The layout is symbolically named Fireflies as our intention is to make a concerted effort in restoring our living environment. In this direction we have put in place a number of plans, such as planting of trees to deflect sound to reduce the decibel levels, special trees to be planted to absorb micro particles of dust to make the place healthier. The layout will be peppered with select aromatic plants with an intent to permeate the neighborhood with natural fragrance. Efforts will also be made to make it environment friendly for the butterflies, sparrows and fireflies to return. All in all, we hope to create a sense of fulfillment to the residents.
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Configurations Available in Fireflies Plots

Configuration Type Sellable Area Actual Carpet Area Rate
(Down Payment Price)
Plots  1,400 Sq. Feet. Not Specified 1,400 19.6 Lac
Plots  2,325 Sq. Feet. Not Specified 1,400 32.55 Lac



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